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Gift Baskets & Trays

Our made to order gift baskets and trays are full of fresh and local products. Order one today!

See below for many of our selections. As always, feel free to call and customize your order as well.

To order, please call us at 209.385.2222 or contact us here!

Scroll down to view selections!

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Please note that ribbons and baskets may vary with availability.

Occasionally, out of stock products may need to be substituted with like products of the same value.

Select gift baskets and trays!

Seasonal Fresh fruit basket $79.99

The best assortment of the season's freshest fruits.

All Sweets Basket $79.99

Chocolate fruit medley, Chocolate walnuts, Honey roasted peanuts, Gourmet popcorn, Yogurt pretzels, Mixed nut brittle, Honey roasted almonds, Yogurt almonds.

All Almond Basket $149.99

Chocolate almonds, Coconut honey almonds, Onion garlic almonds, Butter toffee almonds, Smoked almonds, Honey roasted almonds, Cappuccino almonds, Chili lemon almonds, Wasabi almonds, Orange honey almonds, Roasted salted almonds, Almond butter, Almond oil, Gourmet popcorn.

Dried Fruit Basket $93.99

Dried prunes, Dried apricots, Dried berry mix, Raisin medley, Dried Angelino plums, Dried peaches, Dried pears, Dried figs, 1 local jam and preserves.

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Fruit Barn Favorites $116.99

Vegetable chips, Honey orange almonds, Dried prunes, Dried peaches, Chocolate fruit medley, Roasted salted almonds, Roasted salted pistachios, Chocolate nut mix, Dried apricots, Garlic pistachios, Dried Angelino plums, Salted mixed nuts, Gourmet popcorn.

Go Nutty Basket $129.99

Roasted salted almonds, Roasted salted pistachios, Natural walnuts, Garlic pistachios, Honey roasted cashews, Onion garlic almonds, Butter toffee pecans, Roasted salted cashews, Roasted salted pecans, Chocolate nut mix, Gourmet popcorn.

Gourmet Wine Basket $120.99

Local wine, Cranberry nut mix, California sun dried apricots, Chocolate covered cherries, Local preserves, pistachios, Gourmet cheese, Brie cheese spread, Smoked sausage, Crackers, local honey, Gourmet popcorn.

Honey Basket $89.00

Coconut honey almonds, Honey roasted cashews, Honey roasted peanuts, Honey roasted almonds, Honey orange almonds, Gourmet popcorn, local honey bear and local honey 1 pound jar.

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MFB Supreme Basket $111.99

Roasted salted pistachios, Roasted salted almonds, Select dried fruit, Chocolate nut mix, Gourmet popcorn, Dried figs, Salted mixed nuts, and California almond oil.

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Merced Grown Basket $99.99

Natural walnuts, Roasted salted almonds, Roasted salted pistachios, Dried berry mix, Dried apricots, Dried Angelino plums, Dried figs, Dried peaches, Local all natural honey, Jar of preserves.

Merced Welcome Basket $79.99

Local dried fruit tray, Gourmet popcorn, Chocolate covered fruit medley, Chocolate covered mixed nuts, Salted almonds, Salted pistachios, Local seasonal fresh fruits.


Please refer to photo for size.

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