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Specialty/Gourmet Items

      Our Gourmet and Specialty Items are selected to provide a unique taste experience. From our Local Honey, to a variety of Sauses for Pasta & Barbacues, to Flavorsome Salad Dressings, Pickled Vegetables, and Salsas, to Vegetable Chips, Wasabi Green Peas, Sesame Sticks, & Savory Dried Product Blends, you're sure to find something you can't get enough of!

Gourmet Oils, Popcorns, & Coffee
Pickled Vegetables
Specialty Dried Items
Oriental Mix
Dried Green Peas
Spicy Delight
Vegetable Chips
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Shipments of any chocolate candy, chocolate almonds and all chocolate items from June 1-September 30 are at PURCHASER'S RISK due to heat. We reccommend non-meltable purchases druing this time.  
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