Barnyard Animals 

Stop by, enjoy a fresh sandwich from our deli, and visit with
our friendly barnyard animals!

"Fruit Barn Chickens"

"Dolly" the Llama

"Blu" the Peacock

Toulouse Geese

Mallard Ducks

Ringneck Doves                    Pekin Ducks

"Lily" the Jersey Cow

Fruit Barn Royal Palm Turkeys

"Bonnie" & "Clyde" the Emus
"Bob" the Sulcata Tortoise

Brown and Dutch Rabbits

"Dorthy" the Mini Donkey

BS (Butterscotch) the Cat

The Blue & Gold Macaws -      

       "Simon"                               "Lola"                                              "Cal"

"George" the Cockatiel       "Willie" the Amazon
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